Install MAPAL and let your water pump
switch on/off automatically
everyday for years together.

What is Mapal

Automatic control of water pump

Water is scarce. In most areas in Mumbai city, the municipality supplies this for only 2 to 3 hours a day. And the problem is getting worse every year.

It is left to the building watchman to ensure that water is pumped from the ground level tank to the overhead tanks, the pump is switched on and off at the right time etc.

Depending on the above manual method to pump water to the tanks is a risk and a nuisance. Even if for one day, the watchman forgets to manually operate the pump, the entire building will be short of water!

Fortunately, there is an automatic solution available for the water supply needs of all buildings.

Mapal auto control system for water pumps

Mapal auto control system for water pumps

Mapal auto control system for water supply is a tried and tested product of Mapal Enterprise, Mumbai. The product has been in use for over 25 years. Over 15,000 installations are in place!

The operation of Mapal is

  • entirely automatic
  • failure-free
  • zero maintenance
  • guaranteed by company for 5 years

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