5000 buildings across Mumbai and Pune
have this board on their premises:

About us

Mapal electronic auto control for water pumps is an invention of Mr. N.V. Rao. A science graduate, it pained him to see the water supply problem affecting buildings in Mumbai city. He wanted to do something that could minimize the trouble urban citizens face.

After a lot of thought and some trials, he was able to invent a high quality automatic water pump automation system which he called Mapal. Later, more innovations and Mapal variants followed.

Today, there is a Mapal solution for various types of water supply problems. And Mapal is Mumbai’s number 1 system for automatic control of water pumps. A 25 year old brand, there are over 5,000 installations. Most of these buildings who have come in have done so through word of mouth.

The accurate and trouble-free operation of Mapal has enabled its ready acceptance. Today, wherever one goes in Mumbai, one can see the familiar Mapal yellow board.

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