Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q. How often does Mapal engineer visit the premises?

A. Never! Mapal is a failure-free system so no visits are needed. Of course, our service engineer is available on cellphone round the clock.

Q. Are there any other variants of Mapal?

A.Mapal can be customized for use for exceptional requirements. Extra sensors, timer switches are some of the customizations.

Q. Where all is Mapal available?

A. Mapal is available in Greater Mumbai including Navi Mumbai, Virar belt and Thane district, and in the neighbouring cities, including Pune and Nashik.

Q. Can Mapal help in automatic control of water pump in cases other than municipal water supply?

A.Yes, Mapal is available for automatic control of water pump for borewells, booster pumps etc. Please contact us for your requirements.

Q. What is the procedure for installing Mapal?

A. Please call us on 9820307378 / 9820589503 and SMS your postal address with landmark. We will meet the concerned officebearers of your cooperative society at a time convenient to them.

Once the formalities are over, our engineer will visit your building and install Mapal within 7 days.

Q. What is the pricing of Mapal?

A. Mapal is more than a product, it is a service. Our price is inclusive of a 5 year trouble-free operation and service guarantee. The fact that thousands of buildings in Mumbai, both large and small, have installed Mapal, shows that it is affordable.

Call us on 9820307378 / 9820589503 for a quote.

Q. I am interested in Mapal for my building but I want to see it in operation.

A. Call us and we will arrange a visit for you to an existing installation.

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